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Rice milling machine / Paddy Sieve

  Rice milling machine / Paddy Sieve


The machine’s construction is made by forming the frame with square profiles and welding them. The machine ( Rice milling machine ) is manufactured in two floors. Each floor has 2 separate sieve numbers. The product to be cleaned passes the first floor sieving process then is moved to the second floor to pass the cleaning process again. The machine sieves are designed to be easily replaceable. The sieves must be chosen according to the type product to be cleaned. The machine includes an internal aspirator system that separates lightweight materials through air ducts. The machine’s average capacity is 10 Tons/Hour but it can change according to the product’s pollution rate. Engine: 7.5 KW 1400 rpm / min Engine.

Intended Use
The paddy sieve machine is developed to separate paddy, wheat, barley, etc. from foreign substances (stray, garbage, dust, etc.)

Usage Area
Even though the paddy sieve machine is designed mainly for paddy, it can be used to clean other products such as wheat, corn, rye, soybeans, oats, spelled wheat, millet and more by changing sieve numbers.

Features and Benefits
Internal aspirator system for maximum cleaning.
Internal self-cleaning system to prevent the clogging of the sieves.
Fast and easy sieve changing according to different products.
High quality
High performance
Long life
Maximum ease of use
High sensitivity
Maximum security
Minimum periodic maintenance needs
Minimum parts replacement time