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Rice mill machine / Horizontal Stone

  Rice mill machine / Horizontal Stone



Intended Use
The horizontal whitening machines are used in rice processing facilities to whiten the cargo rice by grinding it with the horizontal aligned stone system inside the machine after separating it from its outer bran.

Usage Area
Even though the horizontal whitening machines are specially designed to be used in paddy processing facilities, it can be used in the peeling process of yellow peas, birdseed, black and green beans.
The machine has a closed construction with maximum security.
There are 8 silicon carbide abrasive whitening stones in the machine.
Crop input and output control systems are available.
There is an automatic valve system to adjust the product flow.
There is a vacuum regulating valve to extract the bran separated from rice out of the machine.
There is a pneumatic piston system and ammeter system available that allow the closure of the product input hopper when the machine is overloaded according to the engine’s mobilization amp.
The sieves on the machine are passed through a special heat treatment that ensures a longer life.
It has a construction system that allows easy replacement of the whitening grinding stones and sieve system by only one person
The product’s whitening setting can be set to desirable levels with the break system and balance weight of product output
To ensure high efficiency in the whitening process the smooth flow and effective aspiration of the rice is provided. Thus, the rice is gently whitened.
There are start and emergency stop buttons on the machine
Capacity: 2500 Kg / Hour
Engine : 1 Unit 45 KW 1500 rpm Motor and 2,2 KW 3000 rpm