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Paddy milling plant / Pneumatic Polishing

  Paddy milling / Rice milling / Pneumatic Polishing



Intended Use
To take the bran of the rice the rice goes through grinding process in the whitening machines. With this grinding process the surface of the rice takes a serrated state. The serrated rice fills up with bran as the rice is process. With time the bran remains lead to the oxidation of the fats inside the rice which leads to it turning sour and smelly. If the bran is removed the rice absorbs the moisture from the air and in little time microorganisms grow on it and the rice begins to deteriorate within a short period of time. The air polishing machines polishes the serrated rice using a special rasp system without damaging it, and removes the bran from the surface. This process gives the rice a bright, smooth and attractive look.

Usage Area
Even though the water polishing machines are specially designed to be used in paddy-rice processing plants, they can be used to polish and clean other products like corn, wheat, boiled wheat, barley, wheat, etc.

Features and Benefits
High performance, high efficiency and stable operation
Excellent brightness with minimum fracture rate
Minimum maintenance requirements
Minimum needed supplies
Compact design and maximum security
Long-lasting consumables
Small installation area
Easy to use with ergonomic controls and settings