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Paddy mill machine / Paddy Separator

  Paddy milling machine / Paddy Separator



Intended Use
The paddy separator machine uses a specially developed high efficiency recessed sieve system to separate cargo rice and paddy from each other according to their specific weight and product’s outer surface structure.

Usage Area
Even though the paddy separator machines are specially designed to work in paddy processing plants, it works in lentil processing and seed separating plants.

Features and Benefits
High performance
Minimum maintenance requirements
Minimum needed supplies
Compact design
High processing capacity
Stable operation
Long life
Maximum security
Low power consumption
Small installation area
Easy to use and setting

Technical Specifications
Vibrating machine is manufactured utilizing a systematic eccentric shaking feature.
A total of 40 sieves in the machine are manufactured from stainless steel sieve.
Machine has Plexiglas acrylic observation window for observing the distribution of the product on the sieves.
The process of separating can easily be controlled and observed, and settings can easily be changed according to the humidity and type of the product.
Different settings can be assigned to each way on this two-way machine.
The machine frame is made of rectangular and cubic profiles welded together safely.
A product feed hopper can be found on the machine.
The supply bunker has 2 level control sensors, one top and one bottom. These sensors ensure the steady feed of the product to avoid unnecessary operation of the machine.
The machines capacity is 8000 kg / hour based on the peeler machine’s 95% peeling ratio
Engine: 2,2 KW 900 rpm