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Oat Hulling Machine INO-OHM 1000

Oat Hulling Machine

oat dehulling machine

        INO-OHM 1000 is designed to hull, remove shells, separate and re-separate your product. The equipment features low electricity consumption, compact structure, small area occupation, low damage of seeds and kernels, automatic feeding of  unhulled seeds, simple maintenance. It is recognized to be one of the most optimum equipment for oat hulling and separating in the world.

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        Raw materials (Oats) was fed into the input hopper and elevated by spiral elevator to the cleaner, where the raw material is well pre-cleaned before going for dehulling, and then the pre-cleaned oats go to the bucket elevator, then elevated by bucket elevator to the dehullers for dehulling. The mixture of shells, seeds and kernels after hulling will fall onto the shell-seed-kernel separator to separate shells from seeds and kernels. Through the cyclone, shells discharger discharges all shells. After removing shells, seeds and  kernels are conveyed to seed-kernel separator to separate seeds from kernels. After separating, the kernels will move forward to the re-separator for separating while the un-hulled seeds move backward to the bucket elevator and then goes to the dehullers for re-hulling, and then goes to shell-seed-kernel separator for separating shells from seeds and kernels. Materials that have already entered into re-separator for separating will be removed small and broken shells first, then the front part after fine separating work will eject and collected by the kernels bin, while the unhulled seeds together with few kernels will move backward to the inlet of the material back-flowing device and then go to re-separator for re-separation again. 

        Meantime, our company also specializes in Pumpkin Seed cleaning sizing shelling and separating equipment, buckwheat cleaning grading dehulling and separating equipment, green bean peeling machine, oat huller, watermelon seed cleaning grading shelling machine, Silybum seed dehulling machine, hempseed dehulling machinery, almonds, california almonds and hazelnut processing line, job's-tears dehulling machine, Jatropha seed dehulling machine, Kadsura seed dehulling machine, bean cleaning machine, all kinds of cleaners for oilseeds and kernels, destoner, elevator, roaster, etc.

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