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Labratory Type Color Sorter

  Labratory Type Color Sorter

Labratory Sorter


          AKY Technology LABSORTER is specially designed for sorting undesirable colored agricultural products. Thereby sample products or small quantities can be sorted fast and accurately.

- The machine is featured with compact structure, mini appearence and convenient to be installed, maintained and moved.
- The machine is featured with small occupied area, adaptability and few requirements for working environment. - The machine is equipped with intellegent human
-Machine operating interface which is easy to learn and master, truly realizing the target of personal operation.
- The machine is better suitable for small-sized Processing customers, such as hybrid seed producers.
- Equipped with industrial double-vision camera lens which is at international high-end level, the machine can identify and sort materials precisely and improve sorting rate.
- Labsorter can be used in labratories or purchasing departments of a factory. In this manner, it provides a quick and practical solutions for the user. CCD COLOR CAMERA converts light in to electrons. 5340 pixel high speed line scan camera and photo processing technology process photo parameters ever faster. High consistency of signal and simplified outline by field bus structure. Perfect sorting with capability of detecting minimum area 0.25 mm2 and analyzing finest color difference.