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Four Deck Pre Fine Cleaner

 TEM 006

Four Deck Pre Fine Cleaner


          This machine has been developed for the separation of impurities from grains, seeds and dry granular products. There is a vacuum system inside absorbs light and weak particles from the main product. This process is repeated 5 times. Machine has four sieves, the small particles separated from the main products through these sieves.

Working Principle:
The product is poured into the feed gate and with the help of the vacuum channel, weak and thin particles are controlled. The product is exposed to a vacuum system during the progress of four times.
Foreign grains are precipitated in a vacuum cabinet. All impurities discharged by means of two spiral.
By this machine four different kinds are separated.
There are two standard models: fixed and mobile types.

Improved Products
Kidney Beans
Green Lentils
Red Lentils
Sun Flower
Cuming Seeds
Many more etc...