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Excell 308 Plus

  Excell 308 Plus

excell 308 plus


          "The World's Largest Capacity Sorting Machine", Excell 308 which was developed by AKY Technology’s engineers. AKY Technology’s Super Excell can screen and clean every kind of dry grain crops (legumes, lentils, chickpeas, beans, broad beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, etc ...). It provides an excellent efficiency with purity, garden seeds, flower seeds, grain, pulses etc. By comparing Excell 308 with Excell 310 and 320 Series, you can see the difference. The screening and cleaning in Excell 308 is higher and it has a higher air factorial harvesting features.

Product Supply Feeder
- The product delivered to the machine with this feeder ensuring healthy feeding and regular product entry.
- Additional equipment necessary for the spread of the product in the first machine’s entry.

Product Feeder Vibration
- The Fluidity of Product supply is highly adjustable from the product control panel supply.
- Screen Deck allows the product of the entire cross-feed operation equally.
- You can keep yourself clean.
- Product equally play an important role in the dust control system for distributing.
- The ideal solution to avoid damage for the Pulses, Grain and other items.
- Getting the max. Efficiency from the machine is also an important factor and that is due to product supply hopper no clogging is happened.
- Different product processing does not require cleaning only if necessary.

Batch System
- Used to keep the sieve cleaned.
- Thanks to a special enclosure of plastic balls are kept at low temperatures even at the maximum level of cleanliness.
- Powerful structure successfully perform even for the most difficult cleaning products.
- Allows the screen to be changed easily installed to separate the Screens.

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Air Lift Channels
- Undersized grains move into different decks
- Outlet air channel with the compressed air in the main product undersized grains and dust separation
- Can be supplied with the extra-large compartments and a central channels for special operations.

Separation of the Gravity Spiral
- Continuous way allows the discharge of aspiration air out of the room.
- Reduces minimum air loss by a barred valve.
- Lightweight, half empty grain, dust, and the air damper is required to remove the heavy products as a more healthy and efficient. By preventing outside leakage increases the productivity. Manually adjustable can be done according to the type of product.

Air Pushing Unit
Product with all of the starting point is smooth and evenly mounted side by side under the product fans and air ducts apply pressure evenly.
All undersized grain, shell and allows the separation of the main products of powder.
Low-level sound system fan is operated.
Fan speed control, step less, modulating speed-minute 

excell 308 plus draw