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Excell 230 Series Super Screen Cleaner

  Excell 230 Series Super Screen Cleaner

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          Excell 230 Series Super Screen Cleaner used for sorting of dry granular agricultural products such as grain and seeds.- consists of 12 models with a sieve area of 8-48 m²- can provide 2-5 sizes in a single flow- Due to the flow sieve mutual to Z, it allows high flow sieve analysis.

Product Feed Vibration
- Product supply is adjustable from the control panel through automation.
- Product feed dispersed operations will continue at the same rate
- Is self-cleaning due to dust control unit
- Is an ideal system for pulses cleaning, avoiding any damages
- Has no down time due to choked up inlet
- Can operate in modes that do not require cleaning for different products.

The integrated mixer and feed roller
- Speed control of product supply reservoir can be controlled.
- Can be disabled by the buildup of slight grain products mixer apparatus
- It provides solution to weak, light and large one.
- Is to prevent any damage of the feed roller through the spring system

Sieve Dick from Birch Trees
- Is resistant to moisture and insects
- The connection point of the sieve can be separated easily if desired.
- Birch structure has a longer working life
- The structure that absorbs the vibration provides a more efficient workspace

Batch System
- To ensure a cleaner working environment for sieve.
- Thanks to the protection of plastic ball cleaning is provided at the maximum level.
- Ensure the maximum degree of cleanliness even in the most difficult conditions.
- Overall system allows for easily changing the screen is mounted separately from the screen

Balanced Eccentric System
- Has opposite weight mechanism for continuous operation
- Involving minimum stress on buildings and steel structures
- Industrial format has been designed with heavy duty bearings

Change Of Product Flow
- Excell 230 Series Super Screen Cleaner Types can be designed according to the capacity & number of products etc.
- Through six different templates which provide the ideal waste.

Spiral Conveyor For Light Waste
- Ensures continuous discharge of dust and light waste from the air system via spiral
- With finger flaps to ensure optimal dust separation in the expansion chamber by preventing false air from entering into the chamber

Input and Output Air Suction System
- With high efficiency dust cleaning purposes is designed as a separate system.
- Separates the light particles before the material reaches the sieves.
- In this way, more efficient screening with a high capacity take place.
- Ensures an excellent purity for the product due to the suction process.

Excell 230 Series Super Screen Cleaner can be manufactured as optional vibration and slope adjustable.
Improved Products
Anl Seed
Poppy Seed
Watermelon Seed
Raw Rize
White Rize
Soya Bean
Ray Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Sugar Beet
Raw Coffee