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Excell 220 Series Screen

  Excell 220 Series Screen

excell 288


          Ease To Operate Excell Series Screen Cleaner machines providing comfortable use during operation with a short time of training

Excell 220 Series Screen Cleaner
- For dry granular agricultural products (legumes, grains, seeds...) in several sizes.
- It has 7 different models with a seive area of 1 to 24 m2.

Product Feed Vibration
- Product supply is adjustable from the control panel through automation.
- Product feed dispersed operations will continue at the same rate
- Is self-cleaning due to dust control unit
- Is an ideal system for pulses cleaning, avoiding any damages
- Has no down time due to choked up inlet
- Can operate in modes that do not require cleaning for different products.

Sieve Dick from Birch Trees
- Is resistant to moisture and insects
- The connection point of the sieve can be separated easily if desired.
- Birch structure has a longer working life
- The structure that absorbs the vibration provides a more efficient workspace

Batch System
- To ensure a cleaner working environment for sieve.
- Thanks to the protection of plastic ball, cleaning is provided at the maximum level.
- Ensure the maximum degree of cleanliness even in the most difficult conditions.
- Overall system allows for easily changing the screen is mounted separately from the screen
- Excell 220 Series Screen Cleaner can be manufactured as optional adjustable vibration and slope.

Improved Products
Anl Seed
Poppy Seed
Watermelon Seed
Raw Rize
White Rize
Soya Bean
Ray Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Sugar Beet
Raw Coffee